Ultraranger [19] It’s Over Gai, I have the High Ground

November 9, 2017

As Ultra-Caster Navy leaves to go join Ultra-Caster Orange, it’s only up to Ultra-Caster Yellow & Ultra-Caster Pink to take the reins of hosting Ultraranger together. Will they be able to host the show with just the two of them? Or is this the beginning of Ultraranger’s End...

Casters Present Yellow Pink 

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Required ViewingUltraman Geed 13,
Ultraman Ginga 4,
Ultraman Orb 4 

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Throwing Two Stars Episode [5] You’re My Bro, Bro!

November 8, 2017

Originally Recorded: October 16th, 2017. Gar and Lane come to you with a brand new episode of Throwing Two Stars! In this Episode, Gar and Lane are in shock as they find out that Ninja Steel actually has some really good episodes! 

Casters Present Pink Yellow 

Required ViewingPower Rangers Ninja Steel 12-14

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Ultraranger [18] I’ll Get You Next Time, Zero

November 7, 2017

Originally Recorded: Thursday September 28th, 2017. In this exciting tale of Ultraranger, Ultra-Caster Yellow uses different voices for no apparent reason & Ultra-Caster Pink learns how to love Geed’s Newest Form as they discuss Part 2 of Ultraman Geed’s Midseason Point. Also Ultra-Caster Navy laughs at our jokes.  

Casters Present Yellow Pink Navy 

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Required ViewingUltraman Geed 12,
Ultraman Ginga 3,
Ultraman Orb 3 

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Jackbox stream this Friday!

November 6, 2017

So this Friday since there's no toku episodes, we're just going to record Extra! Extra! Castranger, then livestream some Jackbox Games fun. Tune in at http://twitch.tv/ixistudios. Follow us in advance to get an email when we begin!

Radio Sentai Castranger [173] Nebula Glass

November 6, 2017

Ichi trudges on with his Power Rangers New Friends featuring Overkill Briefly, as Sento finds a Clue™, Misora makes up for Miitan, Kazooie cosplays Fourze, Lucky turns out to be the Prince of Narnia, Ultros nabs a Magitek suit, and Ichi subjects his New Friends™ to three more agonizing episodes of the Korean tokusatsu animation, MiniForce. 

Casters Present Blue Mercury Spell Dragon Lightning 

Show Noteshttps://www.patreon.com/posts/castranger-173-15226635

Required ViewingKamen Rider Build 9, 
Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger 36, 
MiniForce 2-4

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Extra! Extra! Castranger [107] Ichi Gets New Friends

November 5, 2017

The entire core cast except Ichi is off sidequesting, so Ichi is forced to take to the fanbase to find some new frien- I mean Casters! Spell Caster Blaze returns, and joining us for the first time are Dragon Caster Armorhide, and Lightning Caster YOLO, from our Discord. We talk about this weeks' news, including secondary Riders in Climax Fighters, the official images of the Zross-C items, weird Build forms, and ChameleonGreen's calendar. 

Casters Present Blue Spell Dragon Lightning 


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