July 31, 2017

Because most of us were at ConBravo this past weekend, no Extra or RSC this week. We'll catch up this weekend!

So, uh… we have shirts

July 10, 2017

So, uh, yeah. Turns out have have merch! 

If you guys get it now it's only like $14 for a shirt! If you like this I can definitely do more merch with different designs and logos, so feel free to tell me what kind of stuff you wanna see! 

Amaz-almost done

July 5, 2017

Our final Enter The Amazon episode for season 2 will be slightly late. Tomorrow night instead of tonight.

Worth the wait

June 26, 2017

As you may have noticed Extra is a little late. Tech problems. It'll be up ASAP. I promise this week's RSC is amazing to make up for it.

Castranger @ Anime North

May 23, 2017

As mentioned on #152, there will be no episode of Castranger this coming weekend as we will be at Anime North 2017 here in Toronto. 

If you can come to Anime North, here's where you can meet us: 

Blue and Pink Casters will be selling stuff, mostly tokusatsu toys, at the Nominoichi Friday evening. 

Red and Blue Casters will be running Anime WTF Saturday 7 PM, and Anime Flash Sunday 2PM. Other Casters such as Pink and Yellow may or may not be present. 

Surprisingly we are not the ones running the Super Sentai panel, but feel free to mention us if none of us make it there, lol. 

Insert Amazon pun

May 9, 2017

Enter The Amazon is off this week because Yellow Caster is fucking about and such. 

We will return next week with a Double Episode Special oh boy am I excited

Patreon Exclusive: Pulgasari notes!

May 5, 2017

So for those who listened to RSC #149, I went on for a bit about how my own notes made while watching Pulgasari didn't make any sense to me re-reading them. 

One of our viewers asked me to post those notes, so, I've posted them on our Patreon! :P

Post Title Character Minimum

April 27, 2017

Life got in the way (read: Pink Caster's day job). We'll be recording and releasing the next Enter The Amazon tonight.

Castranger Discord!

April 18, 2017

Check out our Castranger Discord server where you can chat with other listeners and potentially members of the podcast!


April 17, 2017

My editor has been nonresponsive all day. Will have the RSC ep up ASAP.