October 26, 2016

RADIO SENTAI CASTRANGER is a weekly podcast run by five+ members of the Torontonian media brand IXI! Studios. We get together every week after watching the ongoing Kamen Rider and Super Sentai shows and discuss our reactions, opinions, and theories to not only the ongoing episodes, but the movies and specials that come out as well. Most weeks we also toss in some sort of feature topic or debate such as favorite "blank"

 is a show we segmented off from the regular Radio Sentai Castranger program specifically because we always talk about the latest news and spoilers, and listeners to our main program may not always want to hear them. So they have been separated for your convenience!

MY FRIENDS THINK THEY'RE FUNNY is a behind-the-scenes bit featuring the random nonsense we talk about immediately before launching into a proper Castranger episode.

CASTRANGER: SILVER MEDAL is a show pioneered by Silver Caster Overkill (now Mercury Caster) where we talk about Power Rangers, because that's really where our fandoms all began. 
ENTER THE AMAZON is the sideshow headed by Pink Caster Litrid, where he, Blue and Yellow Casters review the webseries Kamen Rider Amazons.