Enter The Amazon [22] How Ichi Got His Wednesdays Back

July 7, 2017

Litrid, Ichi, AutoGar, and Noble unite for potentially one last time to discuss the final two episodes of Kamen Rider Amazons. How did we feel about the conclusion of Chihiro's journey, and those along for the ride? How did we like this season in general? Join us for some seasoned opinions of the season! 

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Required ViewingKamen Rider Amazons 25, 26 (Season 2 Episode 12, 13)

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Amaz-almost done

July 5, 2017

Our final Enter The Amazon episode for season 2 will be slightly late. Tomorrow night instead of tonight.

Radio Sentai Castranger [156] Shampoo Commercial

July 3, 2017

The ever-dwindling in-house three-man team brings you the funnies once again as we discuss Kiriya's sudden and inevitable betrayal of Masamune, the appearance of the meteor-and-shampoo-powered Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer, Stinger decides to go full stupid in his pursuit of Scorpio, and we discuss the Lazer special, featuring the amazing virtual reality game Bakusou Treasure.

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Required Viewing: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 36, 
Uchuu Sentai
 Kyuranger 19, 
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Urawaza]: Kamen Rider Lazer

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Extra! Extra! Castranger [90] Double 2: The Doublening

July 2, 2017

Red Caster fits us into his busy daddy schedule as we discuss the confirmed actor for Houou Solider, the teased Double sequel, Build's crank belt, the reveal of Fuuma's identity and plan, and why god why Krispy Kreme was the plot of the new Power Rangers movie, amidst a sea of neat fan creations. 

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