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March 22, 2020
Current CORE Casters 
The members you can expect to hear on most of the episodes.
formerly Ichida za Zeal
played by Christopher MacKinnon - Follow him on Twitter! 
Technically the showrunner at the controls, Ichi is always the one to bitch about belt mechanics and is definitely in the running for loudest opinions.
aka Ultra-Pink Caster on Ultraranger
formerly Pink Caster Litrid / Pink Caster LANE
played by Lane Bethune - Follow him on Twitter! 
Lane's opinions on what qualifies as his favorite change with the season, but his enthusiasm for everything is unmatched. #commentsforLane
formerly Yellow Caster AutoGar, Gold Caster II Garza, and Ultra-Yellow Caster on Ultraranger
played by Gar Ricker - Follow him on Twitter! 
From parts unknown, Gar has proven to be the closest thing to Phillip's library-like encyclopedia of toku knowledge. He's always around to provide #confirmination on factoids.
formerly Dream Caster
played by Emily Bricker - Follow her on Twitter! 
Super shy fan-turned-caster, recent addition to core cast Emily has her surprising moments of comedy gold and has more than once named an episode.
Outer Casters 
Members who aren't on every single show but make their appearances when appropriate. 
formerly Red Caster
played by Evan RossFollow him on Twitter! 
The be-hatted one often to throw in a pretty solid thesis into our theorycrafting discussions. Either that or he's completely quiet and on his 3DS.
played by Cel Corsetti - Follow him on Twitter! 
One of our on-again-off-again Sixth Rangers and tied for the closest among us to a legit movie critic, Cel is quick with the wit and heavy with the trauma. We think he may kill us all.  

Formerly Green Caster (Ichigo) and Silver Caster 
played by David Dulude - Follow him on Twitter! 
He started as a founding member, moved away, and occasionally guests or edits. Definitely in the running for loudest. 
Formerly Black Caster 
played by Kevin Heimann - Follow him on Twitter! 
Purchaser of all movie exclusives, and one of the founding members, he now only rarely pops in, but contributes to the Facebook page's memery. 
played by Paul Marzec - Follow him on Twitter! 
Starting out as a Bulk-and-Skull-esque Hipster Caster, he took over the Green powers from Overkill when he left. Paul rivals Cel for top actual movie critic and occasionally stops by. 
Special Guest Casters 
 Bard Caster : Derek Burrows, aka Derek the Bard 
Extra 19 20 // RSC 47 84 85 
 DX Caster : Robert Hoang, aka Zeron Xepher 
Extra 25 // RSC 90 
Friends of the Casters 
 White Caster, Jermaine 31OBN
 Purple Caster, KimmiChi 90.5X35100 
 Cyan Caster, Arcadia 90.5X37102X49,
 Indigo Caster, Anna 
 Teal Caster, Moony : X35100 
 Tech Caster, Estabane : X35100 
 Quantum Caster, TheReccher :
Members of The Cast, Our Fans 
 Navy Caster, Crunchman 
 Orange Caster, Noble 
 Spell Caster, Blaze 
 Beast Caster, Shu 
 Stage Caster, Thespian 
 Omega Caster, Biffalo SM04 
 Star Caster, Drago : X39104
That Kamen Rider Guy50 
If you want to be a guest on Radio Sentai Castranger, contact SuperIchi on Twitter.

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