Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [57] Have You Seen This Daichi

October 19, 2018

Original Recorded: Wednesday October 17th, 2018. On this episode of Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger, the Ultra-Casters talk about the sudden and sad news about 4 Ultraman shows that are no longer available on Crunchyroll. With no new episodes of Ultraman R/B subbed. Ultra-Yellow Caster AutoGar and Ultra-Pink Caster Lane decide they’re gonna watch some episodes of the 1993 Tokusatsu series; Denkou Choujin Gridman!!

Casters Present Yellow Pink 

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Required ViewingUltraman X 7,
Denkou Choujin Gridman 1-2 

YouTube Version:

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Radio Sentai Castranger [127] Oren Pierre Flying Squirrel

November 13, 2016

Mercury and Dream Casters join us in place of Yellow Caster again. There's no Super Hero Time this week (Golf again?!) so we take the time to talk about the first episdoes of two other shows. Firstoff is Gridman, the Japanese Ultraman offshoot that became Superhuman Samurai Cyber Squad. Watch us marvel at its giant computers and oddly impressive camera quality! Second, we talk about a Netflix series called Midnight Diner, where a sentai actress teaches us about vegetable soup. Finally, continuing ZILLAVEMBER, we talk about King Kong VS Godzilla. Was this battle of titans worth the buildup? 


Casters Present Red Blue Pink North Mercury Dream 

Required ViewingDenkou Choujin Gridman 1, 

Midnight Diner (Netflix) 1,  

King Kong VS Godzilla 

YouTube Version: