Radio Sentai Castranger
Radio Sentai Castranger [242] Don’t Bycross Me

Radio Sentai Castranger [242] Don’t Bycross Me

April 29, 2019

It's the last week of Metal April and WOW did Gar serve us up a doozy. But first! Zi-O wraps up its zombie flick arc with Double Trinities across the sky, and Bamba goes stab-happy trying to make sure his brother doesn't die as we get the debut of Five Knights, both in zord and team. Finally, our topic is Kyodai Ken Bycrosser, by far one of the most bizarre toku shows we've come across. Why is it so weird? You'll just have to find out! 

Casters Present Blue Pink Yellow 

Show Notes

Required ViewingKamen Rider Zi-O 32, 
Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger 6, 
Kyodai Ken Bycrosser 1-3 

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