Radio Sentai Castranger
Radio Sentai Castranger [78] CastSTRANGER

Radio Sentai Castranger [78] CastSTRANGER

October 31, 2015

With Red Caster joining Shadow Caster in Detroit for Youmacon, the remaining Casters band together to celebrate Halloween. First off, we talk about Ghost learning to use his powers in crazy ways, then in Ninjaland, our thoughts on Nagi and Kinji's character development. Finally, we watch Halloween episodes of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo, both great in their own way. 

Required Viewing: 
Kamen Rider Ghost 4, 
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger 35, 
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 25, 
Power Rangers Zeo 23
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