Extra! Extra! Castranger [85] Green Peaness

May 14, 2017

Red and Dream Casters have been sucked into the digital world but still have access to Discord as they join the rest of the Core Cast for another news week. A new shade of blue, new toys for all, some movie news, another cameo, Micchy's photobook, and lots of green peaness for all! 

Casters Present Red Blue Pink Yellow Dream 

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Insert Amazon pun

May 9, 2017

Enter The Amazon is off this week because Yellow Caster is fucking about and such. 

We will return next week with a Double Episode Special oh boy am I excited

Radio Sentai Castranger [150] The Revenge of Lazer

May 8, 2017

Red Caster is busy being a babydaddy, so the remaining Core Four come together to celebrate that WE'VE BEEN DOING IT THIS LONG by talking about a bunch of dead Kamen Riders coming back to life! That's right, we're finally discussing Kamen Sentai GoRider! No other episode discussion this week, but we'll hit you with a Double Episode Special next week. 

Casters Present Blue Pink Yellow Dream 

Required ViewingKamen Sentai GoRider 1-3 

Show Noteshttps://www.patreon.com/posts/10879471 

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Extra! Extra! Castranger [84] Ancient Chinese Nani

May 7, 2017

Red Caster is off experiencing his own character arc as the remaining Four Cores discuss news bits such as Ex-Aid's movie being the "true ending," more info about the upcoming releases of Lionsgate's Power Rangers, yet another Legacy MMPR release, and more! 

Casters Present Blue Pink Yellow Dream 

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Patreon Exclusive: Pulgasari notes!

May 5, 2017

So for those who listened to RSC #149, I went on for a bit about how my own notes made while watching Pulgasari didn't make any sense to me re-reading them. 

One of our viewers asked me to post those notes, so, I've posted them on our Patreon! :P  


Enter the Amazon [15] Neophilia

May 3, 2017

The Amazon Four meet to discuss the ever spiralling terribleness that is Chihiro's character, as he tries to take a corpse on a date at the theme park. The good ol' gang from season 1 reunites bit by bit, and Doctor Amazon returns. 

Casters Present Pink Blue Yellow Orange 

Required Viewing: Kamen Rider Amazons 17 (Season 2 Episode 4) 

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Radio Sentai Castranger [149] Mulan Rouge

May 1, 2017

The Core Five are together again, coming at you with our discussion on Poppy's restoration, the reveal of Pallad's true existence, Lucky's unlucky day, the namedropping of like 20 new Kyutama, and finally, we discuss Pulgasari, a North Korean monster movie that was almost literally made at gunpoint. Could it be any good? 

Casters Present Red Blue Pink Yellow Dream 

Required ViewingKamen Rider Ex-Aid 28, 
Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger 11, 
Pulgasari (1985) 

Show Notes (Pulgasari Only): https://www.patreon.com/posts/pulgasari-notes-10555715 

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