Radio Sentai Castranger
Radio Sentai Castranger [118] Blue Shifted

Radio Sentai Castranger [118] Blue Shifted

September 10, 2016

Navy Caster swaps out for Blue Caster, as the team chaotically trudge their way through getting closer to the end of the cliff that is Kamen Rider Ghost, though a couple of good things did happen this week. Seeing as a two-parter Zyuoher/Gokaiger crossover started this week, we'll be holding off and talking about them both next week. Instead, we talked about episode 2 of the Legend of Hero Alan specials, and finally, we discovered a children's cartoon that reeks of sentai tropes called PJ Masks. We sit through and review this odd show. 

Casters Present Red Pink Yellow Navy  
Required Viewing: Kamen Rider Ghost 47, 
Kamen Rider Ghost: The Legend of Hero Alan 2, 
PJ Masks 1 
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