Radio Sentai Castranger

Radio Sentai Castranger [29] Castranger 2

October 19, 2014

Our friend the Savage Caster comes back to talk Drive and ToQger. 

Drive reveals the first sentient belt since Kivat, then wacks a dood with a jail cell door. Meanwhile ToQger's plot resolves itself; how will we go on from here? 
While Ichi tries to steer the conversation back onto the road, Savage Caster enacts his sinister plan to derail the podcast. 
We talk about how how racist G Gundam is and how it may in fact fall into the tropes of a tokusatsu. 
Savage Caster puts forth the TV Guide Challenge to tokusatsu series. Tweet your submissions to @IXIstudios and if we get any interesting submissions we'll read them on next week's show. 
Required Viewing: 
Kamen Rider Drive 2, Ressha Sentai ToQger 32

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