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Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [126] Something About Mar-Z

July 4, 2020

Originally Recorded: Friday June 5th, 2020 Man, what a way to start off the fourth season of Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger!! This season starts off with our longest episode to date! We catch up on the latest news, some good, some amazing, and some upsetting. And with all of our shows fully done during last season’s finale, it’s time to move on to a new batch. So get ready for some Ultraseven, Ultraman Great, and the two part premiere that is Ultraman Dyna!

Casters Present UltraYellow UltraPink 

Show Notes

Required ViewingUltraseven Episode 01,
Ultraman: Towards the Future/Ultraman Great Episode 01, 
Ultraman Dyna Episode 01 & 02 

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