Radio Sentai Castranger

Radio Sentai Castranger [225] No Such Thing as France

December 17, 2018

Eric continues to sit in as we discuss how Zi-O further descends into its own time-fucking nonsense but whatever, Tsukasa's here being awesome. The plot kicks in in Patranger's obvious attempt at deception as they set up Noel's secret. Finally, because it's December, our first Christmasy feature topic is the Chrismtas episode of... Beetleborgs?! 

Casters Present Blue Pink Yellow Dream Quantum 

Show Notes

Required ViewingKamen Rider Zi-O 14, 14.5, 
Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger 43, 
Big Bad Beetleborgs 33 

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