Radio Sentai Castranger

Radio Sentai Castranger [304] The Digital and the Virtual

August 1, 2020

It's a six-ranger show today as we have both Raven and Tom with us this week! First off, we discuss how the debut of Zero-Two goes from tragic, to flashback, to Butterfly Effect, to GENIUS writing. Next, Kiramager roasts us like marshmallows on an open fire with its amazing comedy this week, and finally, our feature topic is as much of VR Troopers as we can stand in one sitting. What's that? We only got through two episodes? Yeah, that sounds right. 


Casters Present Blue Gray Gold Orange Red Crimson 


Show Notes:


Required ViewingKamen Rider Zero-One 40, 
Mashin Sentai Kiramager 16, 
VR Troopers 1-2 


YouTube Version:


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