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Ultraranger [16] That Was Going For A BIT

October 25, 2017

Originally Recorded: Thursday September 14th, 2017. The Four Ultra-Casters unite once again to talk about the ongoing adventures of Ultraman Geed. Now with Zero Quest is finally complete, the  Ultra-Casters start a new journey as they talk about 2013’s Ultraman Ginga, and 2016’s Ultraman Orb, the 50th Anniversary Project. 
Note: Apologies for the Audio, didn’t realize the Audio was really low, it’ll be fix when we start Ultraranger 2.0. :)

Casters Present Yellow Pink Navy Orange 

Show Notes

Required ViewingUltraman Geed 10,
Ultraman Ginga 1, 
Ultraman Orb 1

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