Silver Medal [13] Return Of Dino Charge

February 23, 2016
The boys are back with more Dino Charge. 
Also, sit back and enjoy us rip apart the MMPR movie
Casters Present Silver Pink Yellow  
Required Viewing
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 1, 
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie (1995)

Silver Medal [12] Names and Shit

February 7, 2016

No real topic for this one again, but it is a fun packed anger filled episode of Silver Medal, so enjoy! #commentsforlane 

Casters Present:  Silver Gold Navy Orange 

Silver Medal [11] Silver Breakdown

January 6, 2016

Silver, Yellow, Gold, Navy, and Orange Casters get together to talk about nothing in particular. Just a random variety hour type tokusatsu discussion whilst testing a new system and setup, so check it out if you're interested.

Silver Medal on hiatus

September 23, 2015

Due to Silver Caster's mounting health issues, Silver Medal is on an indefinite hiatus. We apologize to our fans, but Dave's health comes before the show. Thanks for your understanding.

Silver Medal [10] Rising From the Asses

September 2, 2015

Yeah baby, Silver Medal is back and with a new voice on the team - Yellow Caster, AutoGar. After wrestling some hardware problems we begin Season 2 of Silver Medal with a Double Episode Special, featuring fake royalty, flying lighting pterodactyls, and an actual death maze. After that, we talk about the most timing-appropriate feature topic ever - What I Did On My Summer Vacation (from Silver Medal).

Silver Medal [09] Green Plastered

April 8, 2015

With Silver Caster gone, Pink Caster steps up to take command. Blue Caster sits on as per normal, and Green Caster gets real fucking drunk. We talk about the Dino Charge mid-season finale, the obligatory evil ranger clones episode, then talk about our favorite Megazord-component Zords. 

Required Viewing: 
Power Rangers Dino Charge 8

Silver Medal [08] Kick’im in the Deck

April 2, 2015

Two members of the Cast, Navy Caster Crunchman, and Orange Caster Noble, join Silver, Blue, Green, and Pink for a nice, friendly look at the opening episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Lots of us say that is was superior to Kamen Rider Ryuki, but is it really? Its opening episodes don't bode well as we get into some in depth and heated arguments about both DK and its source material, Kamen Rider Ryuki. Then we talk about our favorite and least favorite Power Ranger teamups! 

Required Viewing: 
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 1-3 (warning: spoilers of episodes beyond!)

Silver Medal [07] Modestone got Shit Done

March 25, 2015

Bit of a short episode as it's only Silver, Blue, and Pink. We talk about the debut of Ankyd- I mean, the Ankylozord, as well as the debut of Shelby's competence and her new bestie status with Kendall. This week's discussion topic - favorite non-base Megazord. 

Required Viewing: 
Power Rangers Dino Charge 7

Silver Medal [06] North Caster Heads East

March 18, 2015
Silver, Blue, and Pink Casters say goodbye to North Caster as he heads to China for a few weeks, and what better sendoff than an episode of Dino Charge featuring Chase, Riley, and a toothache monster? I'll tell you what: a few good Power Ranger parodies, some of which we mentioned on a recent Castranger episode! Check out Reboot, Animaniacs, and CollegeHumor's goofy takes on the tropes of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, and even a YouTube skit where Cookie Monster goes berserk!
Required Viewing: 
Power Rangers Dino Charge 6, 

Silver Medal [05] Cut to the Chase

March 11, 2015

Silver Medal lives! Silver, Blue, Pink, and North Casters reconvene to talk about Breaking Black. No, we don't mean Breaking Bad, that's the name of the Dino Charge episode that we discuss that focuses (ha!) on Chase and tells us his origin story in time to get turned evil, then be saved by the power of skateboarding. Then we talk about our favorite and least favorite morphing sequences and why we like and hate them.